We have built these applications to enhance your experience of Amazon Connect

The power of the Amazon Connect platform is its simplicity. For contact centres that require deeper functionality it offers a rich set of API’s and services that can be used to truly customise your Amazon Connect service. We’re continuously building applications and integrations that enhance the value of Amazon Connect cloud service for your business. Below are just some of the applications we are making available on the AWS marketplace.

Enhanced Customer Contact Panel

The out-of-the-box customer contact panel (CCP) offered by Amazon Connect is deliberately made simple to minimise clutter for agents. However, some contact centre environments require additional functionality that enhances the productivity of their agents. To that end we have customised the Amazon CCP to provide additional time saving features such as:

  • Detailed call history with click to dial
  • Simultaneous ringing on speakers and headsets

Upcoming releases of the enhanced CCP will include a new visual display with richer caller information and agent performance statistics.


Customised Wall Board for Amazon Connect

For many contact centres, real-time wall board are a great way to provide visibility on performance at a team, queue or at an individual level. Managers and supervisors are often heavily reliant on the wallboard to make key decisions in real time to improve their staff availability to meet customer demand. Key features include:

  • Real-time Queue based statistics
  • Visual view of changing agent states in real-time
  • Team KPI’s displayed with visual alerts

Upcoming releases will also feature the ability to introduce agent rankings and to customise the display.