5 Reasons to Introduce Unified Communications in Your Business Today

Posted by Tony Dolan on 28-Aug-2019 09:24:44


It's fair to say communication tools underpin day-to-day business processes and must be stable and dependable. It’s why company decision-makers are sometimes hesitant to transform their communication solutions. If it’s not broke, why fix it?

On the face of it, it’s a fair question: why change a communication solution that is already delivering and doing so at a reasonable price? In reality, the need may be far more urgent than it appears.

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How to Create a Customer Experience Strategy That Actually Delivers

Posted by Tony Dolan on 20-Aug-2019 11:14:00


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How Connect Helped New Water Company Wave Introduce an Omnichannel Contact Centre Solution

Posted by Tony Dolan on 14-Aug-2019 10:02:00


For new water company, Wave, managing spikes in demand and delivering a strong customer experience is crucial. Here’s how we helped the business to achieve this.

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How Connect Transformed a Leading Oil and Gas Business' Contact Centre Through Genesys and AWS

Posted by Tony Dolan on 07-Aug-2019 10:48:06


When a leading oil and gas company needed support to roll out its telephony system globally and consolidate its multiple contact channels, we knew we were up to the challenge.

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How to Improve Customer Experience Using Cloud Contact Centre Technology

Posted by Tony Dolan on 30-Jul-2019 09:12:49

Every business that relies on contact centres to engage with customers will know how important the customer experience is. You can win customers over with your customer experience but risk losing them when things go wrong.

Getting the contact centre experience right is a tough task, at least according to the CFI Group who found that the private sector, in particular, is not making much progress. Cloud contact centre technology could help.


Download our guide to find out '3 Ways Amazon Connect Will Transform Your  Customer Service Capabilities' .

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How Connect Helped a Large UK Bank Division Move from Traditional Telephony to the Cloud

Posted by Tony Dolan on 22-Jul-2019 14:25:46


Connect helped part of a large UK bank to implement a fully managed Cloud service while educating and empowering its team to ensure smooth adoption. Here’s how.

With the help of Connect, an Internet-branded bank successfully moved from a traditional telephony solution (Avaya on-premise kit) to the Cloud (Amazon Connect) for the first time in its history.

As with many large global organisations, its Contact Centre environment was complex, requiring a partner capable of not only introducing the technology but ensuring buy-in from internal stakeholders by educating and empowering the team.

Here’s how Connect rose to the challenge.


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4 Metrics to Consider When Building a Business Case for Unified Communications Transformation

Posted by Tony Dolan on 15-Jul-2019 14:39:31


There is no doubt that Unified Communications (UC) make a workplace more convenient for its employees. UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams make remote collaborative working much easier and faster.

But, as with most important decisions in business, whether or not to implement UC transformation often comes down to the return on investment (ROI).

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Connect Managed Services and G3 Comms Announce Merger

Posted by Tony Dolan on 03-Jul-2019 09:19:19

  • Merger backed by recently formed private equity fund, Apiary Capital.
  • Creates one of the UK’s largest Customer Experience and Unified Communications specialists.
  • Combined group has annual revenues in excess of £55 million.
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Why User Engagement is Vital for Successful Digital Transformations

Posted by Tony Dolan on 18-Jun-2019 11:23:04

We all know that Unified Communication (UC) transformation success is not guaranteed. Large technology projects are highly complex so it’s no wonder some fail. Every IT professional is aware of the frustrating implications of a corporate IT project that just doesn’t meet its goals. This is true for Unified Communications (UC) transformations too.

A survey carried out by the Standish Group found that throughout the early 2010s the proportion of IT projects that were described as failed remained at around 20%. But what is it that causes the implementation of established, standardised technologies to disappoint so frequently?


Download our guide to learn more about 'The benefits of Unified Communications  and how to get there'.

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Boost Productivity and Save Time with Unified Communications

Posted by Tony Dolan on 12-Jun-2019 14:43:30

Gone are the days of business teams working in the same office, the same building, or indeed the same country.

We live and work in the globalised era. The internet-powered communication age.

Technology has profoundly changed the way we do business. Communication has never been easier, and departments and teams are no longer restrained to one office.

But this communication revolution has created challenges.

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