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Figures on the market for video conferencing

Posted by admin on 17-Aug-2013 17:02:04

Over the summer we have been looking at the activities of the big vendors to promote video calling and video collaboration - and where this fits into a collaboration and Unified Communications strategy.

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Video and Images pushing hard on corporate networks

Posted by admin on 07-Aug-2013 11:47:38

Following our last post, commenting on how the largest mobile phone and software vendors are all targeting video communications and collaboration on the desktop this summer, this week we’ve seen another vendor announce a new product that could have a significant impact.

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Blog Battling Vendors

Posted by admin on 19-Jul-2013 09:46:17

Connect Communications’ Marketing Director Tom Perry looks at how the largest vendors are all targeting collaboration on the desktop.

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CYOD what it means for IT

Posted by admin on 18-Jun-2013 11:10:58

Unified Communications Systems - What happens when everyone chooses their own devices and “apps”?

In this post, we are looking at what happens when a company allows people to choose their own devices and bring them into work (CYOD). The first observation is that IT teams need to work with devices and operating systems that they did not choose and which are not part of the original corporate choice.

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Choose Your Own Device

Posted by admin on 12-Jun-2013 13:40:17

Smartphones,Tablets and “Surface” – the choice grows..

In this post, we are looking at predictions for the smartphone and tablet sales and how the trends in tablets and smart phones might shape up during the rest of 2013, as these are the devices that our clients’ employees will be bringing into the office.

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The real challenges of BYOD are the less obvious ones

Posted by admin on 09-May-2013 10:23:28

Listen to your users and build a great UC solution

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) brings some obvious challenges in terms of budgeting and co-ordinating the devices that employees want to use. However, the real challenges of BYOD are the less obvious ones.

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Nowhere to hide

Posted by admin on 11-Feb-2013 20:16:26

As unified communications and BYOD become workplace reality, it is the support teams that are most affected. These technological trends are adding to the devices, applications and technologies that we need to support for our clients, and as such, the responsibilities of our support teams are becoming broader, deeper and more complex.

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Welcome to the Connect Communications Blog

Posted by admin on 19-Dec-2012 13:29:48

Hi everyone and welcome to our very first blog. We hope to continue this line of communication with you on a monthly basis and share our thoughts and observations with you via different members of the Connect team – don’t worry it won’t be me babbling all the time!!

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“EMEA New Partner of the Year” at ShoreTel’s Champion Partner Conference

Posted by admin on 12-Nov-2012 09:33:13

Connect Communications has received another important vendor award, this time from the Unified Communications manufacturer ShoreTel.

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Mitel releases UC360

Posted by admin on 20-Jun-2012 13:32:38

Today Mitel launched the new Mitel UC360 which is designed to work with leading video collaboration, tele-presence, audio conferencing and IP-PBX solutions and provide an easy way to initiate and deliver collaboration across the enterprise including high-definition video, audio and web conferencing.

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