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5 Reasons Why Voice Biometrics Is A Game Changer

Posted by Alex Tupman on 01-Aug-2018 08:53:00

Read my lips – voice biometrics is the future.

Security is always a top priority for business, whether it’s a contact centre protecting customers’ private information, or businesses keeping their data secure. Security experts maintain that we should make passwords and PIN’S longer, more complex and different for each application, as well as recalling recorded responses to security questions, making confirming your identity a memory test, and customer lockouts more frequent.

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Why It’s Time For Collaboration Software Vendors To Collaborate

Posted by Alex Tupman on 20-Jan-2017 12:02:39

IT solutions for increasing employee productivity have had a dramatic effect over recent years, beginning with the introduction of email, video conferencing and instant messaging, and more recently tablets and smartphones encouraging flexible and remote working. The result of this is that personal productivity has been boosted enormously – we have everything we need to do our jobs faster and more effectively, any time, anywhere in the world.

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Apple’s New Position In The Enterprise Shouldn’t Be A Surprise To Anyone.

Posted by Alex Tupman on 26-Oct-2016 09:54:39

People think of Apple as the iSomething, but it’s now time to think of them as an enterprise infrastructure player.

Strategic partnership announcements from IBM, Cisco and SAP have been met with hopeful uncertainty by many industry commentators, but Apple’s increasingly solid position in the enterprise was inevitable due to 2 completely separate driving forces:

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Connect Communications - now Connect Managed Services

Posted by Alex Tupman on 02-Sep-2014 14:35:00


We are pleased to announce to all our clients our major new initiatives, together with a rebranding of Connect to properly reflect our growing Managed Services capability.

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