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Digital Transformation Using Unified Communications and Collaboration Technology

Posted by Kate Sparrow on 17-Apr-2019 09:00:00

The concept of digital transformation is most often thought of as the process of improving customer experience through the use of omni-channel Contact Centre technology.

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Topics: Unified Communications, Digital Transformation

5 Automation Techniques to Increase Contact Centre Efficiency

Posted by Kate Sparrow on 16-Apr-2019 08:30:00

There is little doubt that automation is the way forward for Contact Centres.

It’s estimated that 85% of customer interactions will be automated before long.

The human touch is still as important as ever. People don’t mind talking to machines, as long as it works well and isn’t relied upon too much. An over-reliance on automation can negatively influence a customer’s overall perception of the service.

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Customer Experience in a Contact Centre is Everything

Posted by Kate Sparrow on 12-Apr-2019 09:00:00

That the customer experience counts is not news to anyone, but it is easy to underestimate just how central to customer retention the experience factor has become.

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Topics: Customer Experience, Contact Centre

How to Optimise your Contact Centre for Efficiency and Get the Most Out of Your Budget

Posted by Kate Sparrow on 10-Apr-2019 15:08:00

 An efficient Contact Centre makes it easier to provide customers with the support they need, improving their overall customer experience and increasing their loyalty to your brand.

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