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Everything You Need to Know About the Voice Channel in a Contact Centre

Posted by Martin Cross on 10-Oct-2019 14:58:32


As we all know customers can make contact to a Contact Centre via various devices. Most typically these are traditional phone (voice), computer (laptop, desktop) or smartphone. Then each of these devices can be used to communicate with a company’s Contact Centre through different communication methods or channels. This article will discuss the most established and probably the most complex communication channel in a Contact Centre; the voice channel, a method of communication many customers rely on to resolve issues, pay bills, renew services and more.

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Web Chat and Messaging in Customer Service

Posted by Martin Cross on 17-Jan-2019 09:53:17

There is no question that digital channels and new technologies are rapidly transforming the customer service industry.

Automation is making it easier than ever for agents to detect and address problems and, to a significant extent thanks to the proliferation of messaging apps, customers can contact you to solve their problems through multiple channels.

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Should your Contact Centre join the Cloud?

Posted by Martin Cross on 02-Nov-2018 11:39:14

In Contact Centres around the world, a battle is raging. The prize: the best customer experience, underpinned by efficient, scalable, and flexible technology. Many would have you believe there are only two contenders: the Cloud Contact Centre (Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS)), and the more conventional Contact Centre Infrastructure (CCI). The reality, however, is much more complex. 

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4 Ways to Optimise Self-Service in a Contact Centre

Posted by Martin Cross on 03-Oct-2018 13:44:37


There is a good reason why self-service is popular with Contact Centres; cost. The average salary for a Customer Services agent in the UK is estimated to be £17,164 (PayScale). As agents are the single most costly overhead of a Contact Centre, it makes the optimisation of your self-service capability all the more important.

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6 Best Uses for Chatbots in a Contact Centre

Posted by Martin Cross on 17-Sep-2018 12:53:24

The idea of using customer-facing chatbots can be intimidating. If you believe the negative press they are here to steal contact centre jobs. In reality, they should be seen for what they are: making your life easier.

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3 Steps to Deliver Contact Centre Transformation

Posted by Martin Cross on 04-Sep-2018 09:14:51

The role of the contact centre is evolving at a rapid rate. As a result, the capability of the underlying technology must evolve to meet that. By taking an evolutionary approach to Contact Centre transformation, you can deliver it quicker, more completely and with less cost compared to a “replacement” approach.

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The Dangers of Using Legacy Technology for Voice Biometrics

Posted by Martin Cross on 19-May-2017 22:29:49

BBC article detailed a voice biometric ‘hack attack’ by twin brothers on their HSBC account. It highlights weaknesses in the legacy technology used by some solutions that can be avoided by implementing next generation voice biometrics.

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