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Why User Engagement is Vital for Successful Digital Transformations

Posted by Tony Dolan on 18-Jun-2019 11:23:04

We all know that Unified Communication (UC) transformation success is not guaranteed. Large technology projects are highly complex so it’s no wonder some fail. Every IT professional is aware of the frustrating implications of a corporate IT project that just doesn’t meet its goals. This is true for Unified Communications (UC) transformations too.

A survey carried out by the Standish Group found that throughout the early 2010s the proportion of IT projects that were described as failed remained at around 20%. But what is it that causes the implementation of established, standardised technologies to disappoint so frequently?


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Topics: Unified Communications, Digital Transformation

Boost Productivity and Save Time with Unified Communications

Posted by Tony Dolan on 12-Jun-2019 14:43:30

Gone are the days of business teams working in the same office, the same building, or indeed the same country.

We live and work in the globalised era. The internet-powered communication age.

Technology has profoundly changed the way we do business. Communication has never been easier, and departments and teams are no longer restrained to one office.

But this communication revolution has created challenges.

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Top 5 Things That Will Improve Your Contact Centre Performance

Posted by Tony Dolan on 09-Apr-2019 15:12:30


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Voice Technology: How One of the UK's Top Four Supermarket Chains Uses Cloud Contact Centre Technology to Say Hello

Posted by Tony Dolan on 03-Apr-2019 16:13:50

Having voice technology in your Contact Centre software enables you to streamline interactions and enhance the customer experience, saving time and money. Read on to discover how one of the UK’s top four supermarket chains did just that.

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Topics: Voice Biometrics, Contact Centre, Cloud

Harnessing the Power of AI and Machine Learning to Reduce Contact Centre Costs

Posted by Tony Dolan on 20-Mar-2019 15:08:32


The concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning have been around for some time, but we are just beginning to see their power to transform the way we do business.

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Topics: "AI", Machine Learning

Enhancing the Customer Experience: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Contact Centres

Posted by Tony Dolan on 15-Mar-2019 09:38:23

AI in Contact Centres delivers valuable insights that can be used to streamline, optimise, and personalise customer journeys to enhance customer experience.

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Topics: Customer Experience, Contact Centre, "AI"

5 Tips to Transform Your Contact Centre to Deliver Great Customer Experience

Posted by Tony Dolan on 26-Feb-2019 12:52:34


When a customer contacts a business, it is usually because they are experiencing a problem or have a question they need an answer to. Understandably, they are probably frustrated and in a bad mood to start with.

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Topics: Customer Experience, Contact Centre

How to Scale Your Customer Support Team (Without Breaking the Bank) Using Cloud Contact Centre Technology

Posted by Tony Dolan on 15-Feb-2019 16:15:00

Unlike the traditional Contact Centre — where scaling up your customer support team can be costly — Cloud Contact Centres offer a cost-effective commercial model whereby companies can be billed on actual usage. Read on to find out more.

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Topics: Contact Centre, Cloud

How to Use Chatbots to Enhance Customer Experience

Posted by Tony Dolan on 04-Jan-2019 16:10:12

The lowest cost of delivery is no longer the best approach to customer service. Today, the focus has shifted towards providing an engaging customer experience that helps the customer to solve their problem on their first interaction — however long that takes.

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Topics: Customer Experience

How to Design and Implement a Winning Customer Experience Transformation

Posted by Tony Dolan on 19-Dec-2018 10:16:48

In 2019, your customers are people, not numbers.

Driven by growing connectivity and the digital technology enabling it, today’s consumers expect instant, valuable interactions with the companies they buy from. When this doesn’t happen, a bad experience follows. Negative word of mouth isn’t usually far behind.

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Topics: Customer Experience