Avaya recognises Connect Communications for Service Excellence

Posted by Lewis Ward on 05-Mar-2012 08:55:45

Connect Communications has been selected by Avaya as one of the winners of its Partner Connect Service Excellence Award, at a ceremony which took place at Chelsea Football Club.

Avaya’s Service Excellence Award is given to a partner who has demonstrated exemplary excellence in customer service. It can be given for operational excellence, such as project implementation, or it can be awarded for a partner who clearly demonstrates expertise in post-sales support.

Connect’s execution of a turnkey project, which entailed replacing legacy infrastructure with Avaya’s Aura architecture for a global provider of business news and data, was selected as one of the three winning entries for this Award.

Connect’s Professional Services division designed the winning solution and its implementation was planned to minimise the risk to the customer. It incorporated project management, pre-staging and testing at Connect’s premises, then re-packing of the equipment and delivery to the customer’s site for installation and commissioning.

Martin Cross, commenting for Connect Communications, said: “At Connect, we are primarily a service-based business and our business philosophy is based upon excelling in the service we deliver. We know this matters to every company on our client list. In this particular case we were working for a customer who had extremely high expectations and nothing less than perfection would have been acceptable to them.”

Connect was also recognised for delivering Service Excellence to numerous banking and commercial clients across the UK during 2011.

The photograph shows Martin Cross, Director of Connect Communications, receiving the award from Avaya’s Andrew Shepperd and Joel Hackney.