Welcome to the Connect Communications Blog

Posted by admin on 19-Dec-2012 13:29:48

Hi everyone and welcome to our very first blog. We hope to continue this line of communication with you on a monthly basis and share our thoughts and observations with you via different members of the Connect team – don’t worry it won’t be me babbling all the time!!

I can’t believe we’re at the end of the year already, can you? It’s really whizzed by and it’s been a very eventful year for us. We have evolved into becoming a true integrator in the Unified Communications market, we have on-boarded some fantastic new technologies, introduced some very talented professionals to our team and we are privileged to have introduced some major new clients to our business. In addition to this, we have been recognised by both our clients and vendor partners through some great accolades and this is testament to the brilliant work of our team.

I’m a relative newcomer to Connect and it is always good to see a business through fresh eyes, especially if you are responsible for driving business strategy. I actually used to partner with Connect when I had my own data consultancy business and I remember being struck with the nature of Connect’s clients and the strength of relationships that were nurtured within this base. It’s a key reason why I joined the business. Today, it makes complete sense to me why and how the Connect team have punched above their weight and it’s down to two words – Service Excellence. Talking daily to the people at the forefront of our business, you can tell straight away that they really, genuinely care about the quality of what they deliver and they work tirelessly to achieve as near to perfection as they can.

Essentially, we are a services-led business residing in (let’s be honest) a very, very tough market. More so than ever, we have to differentiate ourselves through service value and the quality of our delivery. Yes we have to be competitive, but if our business is based purely on price differentiation then we’re on a slippery slope and not a good basis to run a business that aims to have longevity. You will find our Service Managers incredibly finicky about planning and delivery, you will find our engineers and consultants researching, reviewing, testing in the labs then reviewing and testing in the lab again(!) prior to going “live”. Our Service Centre advisors want to take ownership of the client escalation calls and always pushing hard for quick resolution. If resolution is at the hands of the vendors, our team will continue to push hard and risk earning a reputation as becoming known irritants. But if it means the client gets resolution quickly, they can live with that. If I need to make a commercial call to expedite a fix, believe you me, they will be asking for a quick decision instantaneously and it doesn’t matter what time of the day or week it is. And quite rightly so.

As a business that predominantly operates in the Enterprise sector, the way we make a differentiated and notable mark against the larger institutions that operate in our space is via our agility and empowerment of our team to ensure our clients get the very best in service delivery.

We invest in and focus on our niche and we do not attempt to over-diversify at the risk of spreading ourselves too thin. If we need different skill sets to complete a solution, we will partner with best-of-breed organisations.

It has taken a huge investment in time, effort and resources to deliver against this philosophy, which appears to buck the trend at a time when the majority of our competitors are reducing costs during in order to adapt to this economic situation. So I take great comfort from the fact that putting our clients first and going that extra mile has not only benefited our clients but has ultimately benefited Connect, allowing us to thrive during a very difficult time.

I pay testament to the Connect team, the vendors who work with us and put up with our client-led demands. Finally, we are thankful to our clients who put their faith and valued business with us. We appreciate they have many avenues and choices of who to partner with. We will never let complacency enter our business.

Wishing you all a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and we are looking forward to 2013. See you on the other side!!!

Arman Khan, Director and Co-owner