Connect Employee Smashes his Personal Best!

Posted by Lewis Ward on 19-Apr-2011 13:48:14

Rimas, tell us about the run and your preparations for the race

"It went well. I woke up early on Sunday, cooked some oat porridge with dried berries and honey, had a banana, ibuprofen, green tea and set off to Blackheath.

I had a Red Bull shot and caffeine gel washed down with Gatorade which set me up nicely for the start. The morning was cloudy which was great and I was making a decent progress averaging 13.3kph. Woolwich, Greenwich, Surrey Quays, Bermondsey, Tower Bridge - I have walked and cycled in these places so many times - it felt like running in my own backyard!"

What was the toughest part of the race?

"The clouds cleared and the sun was making it noticeably harder to run. My legs started giving up after the 16th mile and I started to plod along at 9 - 10 kph (I was carrying a GPS to monitor my speed). Running around Canary Wharf seemed to take ages and was my lowest point of the run. As soon as I reached Tower Bridge again (mile 22) I felt that I could run quicker, but I was also feeling the pain in my toes (when I checked after the finish I realised I'll have three new toenails in few months time..). I was tempted to push the remaining few miles harder, but seeing quite a few runners fainting and falling decided not to risk. Finally, Buckingham palace and a finish straight! I knew I managed to finish in less than three and a half hours, and checking the results later confirmed it - 3:27:21. That puts me in the top 10% overall, well chuffed about it! Even more pleased about the sponsorship raised for Gt Ormond St Hospital." "I spoke to the charity staff and one of the managers after the run. He confirmed that during events like London Marathon the efficiency is very high, for every pound raised only 15p are used to cover operating expenses, the rest goes directly towards a £95m phase 2 redevelopment project (staff salaries are paid from a separate trust). More about this here:"

Any final thoughts about the race?

"So, will I sign up for next year? I'm not likely to train for it again as I enjoy cycling much more instead. But on the other hand if I can finish in reasonable time with almost no training, maybe I should do it again? I'll decide when the soreness in my legs goes away."
I would like to thank everybody for their contributions; I plan to send the monies return form in two weeks time.

Well done Rimas - a big congratulations from all the staff at Connect Communications!

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