Multi Media is key to a better Customer Experience

Posted by admin on 27-Nov-2013 09:40:20

Multi- Media Capabilities now key to build a better customer experience – and all sizes of company can benefit…..

One of the consequences of contact centres (or call centres) moving to an IP-based infrastructure is that the call centre software and its operation falls clearly within the responsibility of IT.

A good contact centre can transform a business. Done well, it makes an organisation leaner and more efficient, and raises the level of customer service and satisfaction at the same time. It’s also a very effective way of reducing service and overhead costs. However planning how the system should operate requires thoroughness and attention to detail as well as knowledge of how the business operates. It needs a careful analysis of calls and their volumes, and a good understanding of how questions should be routed from frontline agents to back office specialists.

The latest multichannel contact centre solutions can have agents handling chat and email with more than one customer at a time, and can resolve questions more effectively than call centres with voice calls alone. They also use universal queuing and call centre software that matches customers to the most appropriate agents, so that the customer is more likely to have their query resolved in a single contact.

Measuring how well the customer’s question or issue is resolved is becoming a new science, which Avaya has named “Customer Experience Management” (or CEM).

We have noticed that IT teams are usually working hard to keep up with developments and the growing array of communications channels used for customer interactions. Linking calls, messages, email and CRM calls for good Unified Communications integration skills, and organisations that have mobile working may also wish to integrate smart phones and tablets into their contact system too.

Up until now, it has been the big banks, utilities and phone companies who used the advanced contact centre solutions that offered this level of functionality and flexibility.

The latest contact centre solutions from companies like Avaya are designed to deliver the optimum in user experience. They also enable that customer experience to be managed and measured.

What sets these new contact & call centre solutions apart is the fact that they can scale to any size. This means that small-to-medium sized businesses can now have an advanced contact centre solution that operates on the desktop, and which gives them the software tools that used to be only available to larger businesses.

At Connect Communications, we see these new contact centre solutions as an important strategic opportunity for UK businesses of a certain size that are looking for a way to strengthen customer relations and manage costs. Solutions from vendors such as Avaya will tick all three boxes: efficiency, lower overheads and customer experience.

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