6 Best Uses for Chatbots in a Contact Centre

Posted by Martin Cross on 17-Sep-2018 12:53:24

The idea of using customer-facing chatbots can be intimidating. If you believe the negative press they are here to steal contact centre jobs. In reality, they should be seen for what they are: making your life easier.

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3 Steps to Deliver Contact Centre Transformation

Posted by Martin Cross on 04-Sep-2018 09:14:51

The role of the contact centre is evolving at a rapid rate. As a result, the capability of the underlying technology must evolve to meet that. By taking an evolutionary approach to Contact Centre transformation, you can deliver it quicker, more completely and with less cost compared to a “replacement” approach.

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How the Internet of Things Will Change the Contact Centre

Posted by Mark King on 17-Aug-2018 11:07:22

"Alexa, play some relaxing music."

Conversations with IoT devices are becoming the norm in most homes. Many of us are coming to rely on them more and more. But what does it mean for contact centres? In this article, I will look at:

  • What IoT is and how it's affecting businesses
  • How that translates to contact centres (CX, automation, personalisation)
  • Examples of how IoT works in practice
  • Future trends to be aware of
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5 Reasons Why Voice Biometrics Is A Game Changer

Posted by Alex Tupman on 01-Aug-2018 08:53:00

Read my lips – voice biometrics is the future.

Security is always a top priority for business, whether it’s a contact centre protecting customers’ private information, or businesses keeping their data secure. Security experts maintain that we should make passwords and PIN’S longer, more complex and different for each application, as well as recalling recorded responses to security questions, making confirming your identity a memory test, and customer lockouts more frequent.

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5 Alternatives to 'Your Call Is Important To Us'

Posted by Adam Jackman on 18-Oct-2017 09:17:00

Does anyone really believe queue messages which repeat ‘your call is important to us…’?

We have all heard it, in between short snatches of tuneless elevator music, while waiting for our call to be answered. Most of the time we are trying to either pay a bill or resolve an issue that’s important to us, and have limited spare time available. In the industry these announcements are called ‘comfort messages’, but are they actually providing comfort to the caller?

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The Evolution of the Contact Centre

Posted by Gordon Rimmer on 06-Oct-2017 15:51:10

Contact centre technology is not a new innovation. Although some methods and working practices have changed very little, there has been a great rate of change in the contact centre. Many experts have pointed to three different waves of contact centre technology.

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The Dangers of Using Legacy Technology for Voice Biometrics

Posted by Martin Cross on 19-May-2017 22:29:49

BBC article detailed a voice biometric ‘hack attack’ by twin brothers on their HSBC account. It highlights weaknesses in the legacy technology used by some solutions that can be avoided by implementing next generation voice biometrics.

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Why It’s Time For Collaboration Software Vendors To Collaborate

Posted by Alex Tupman on 20-Jan-2017 12:02:39

IT solutions for increasing employee productivity have had a dramatic effect over recent years, beginning with the introduction of email, video conferencing and instant messaging, and more recently tablets and smartphones encouraging flexible and remote working. The result of this is that personal productivity has been boosted enormously – we have everything we need to do our jobs faster and more effectively, any time, anywhere in the world.

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The Wild West in our Unified Communications and Contact Centre round-up.

Posted by UCeyeComment on 28-Oct-2016 15:53:30

There’s certainly a Wild West element to this space, and that opens the door for new players to make their marks, and bring even more disruption to the cadre of UC players we’re so familiar with.

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Apple’s New Position In The Enterprise Shouldn’t Be A Surprise To Anyone.

Posted by Alex Tupman on 26-Oct-2016 09:54:39

People think of Apple as the iSomething, but it’s now time to think of them as an enterprise infrastructure player.

Strategic partnership announcements from IBM, Cisco and SAP have been met with hopeful uncertainty by many industry commentators, but Apple’s increasingly solid position in the enterprise was inevitable due to 2 completely separate driving forces:

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