Should your Contact Centre join the Cloud?

Posted by Martin Cross on 02-Nov-2018 11:39:14

In Contact Centres around the world, a battle is raging. The prize: the best customer experience, underpinned by efficient, scalable, and flexible technology. Many would have you believe there are only two contenders: the Cloud Contact Centre (Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS)), and the more conventional Contact Centre Infrastructure (CCI). The reality, however, is much more complex. 

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Leveraging the AWS AI Stack

Posted by Asad Chagtai on 09-Oct-2018 12:32:31

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term we are hearing more and more these days. Whether you believe it will ‘take our jobs’ or not (I personally believe it will change our jobs!), it will surely play an ever-growing role in the future of IT and computing.

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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Self-Service

Posted by Martin Cross on 03-Oct-2018 13:44:37

There is a good reason why self-service is popular with businesses; this is cost. Live agents are often the most costly ingredient in the contact centre. Any technology which reduces the demand for agents will reduce your overall cost of delivery.

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6 Best Uses for Chatbots in a Contact Centre

Posted by Martin Cross on 17-Sep-2018 12:53:24

The idea of using customer-facing chatbots can be intimidating. If you believe the negative press they are here to steal contact centre jobs. In reality, they should be seen for what they are: making your life easier.

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The Evolution of the Contact Centre

Posted by Gordon Rimmer on 06-Oct-2017 15:51:10

Contact centre technology is not a new innovation. Although some methods and working practices have changed very little, there has been a great rate of change in the contact centre. Many experts have pointed to three different waves of contact centre technology.

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The Wild West in our Unified Communications and Contact Centre round-up.

Posted by UCeyeComment on 28-Oct-2016 15:53:30

There’s certainly a Wild West element to this space, and that opens the door for new players to make their marks, and bring even more disruption to the cadre of UC players we’re so familiar with.

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Contact centres - learning from the big boys

Posted by admin on 15-Nov-2013 09:40:46

Contact centres – if providing a good customer experience is a business advantage, how can smaller companies achieve that?

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Connect accredited as Unified Communications Specialist by Nortel

Posted by Lewis Ward on 26-May-2009 15:09:39

Nortel have recognised Connect Communications as a leading system integrator in delivering Unified Communications solutions.

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