4 Metrics to Consider When Building a Business Case for Unified Communications Transformation

Posted by Tony Dolan on 15-Jul-2019 14:39:31


There is no doubt that Unified Communications (UC) make a workplace more convenient for its employees. UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams make remote collaborative working much easier and faster.

But, as with most important decisions in business, whether or not to implement UC transformation often comes down to the return on investment (ROI).

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Why User Engagement is Vital for Successful Digital Transformations

Posted by Tony Dolan on 18-Jun-2019 11:23:04

We all know that Unified Communication (UC) transformation success is not guaranteed. Large technology projects are highly complex so it’s no wonder some fail. Every IT professional is aware of the frustrating implications of a corporate IT project that just doesn’t meet its goals. This is true for Unified Communications (UC) transformations too.

A survey carried out by the Standish Group found that throughout the early 2010s the proportion of IT projects that were described as failed remained at around 20%. But what is it that causes the implementation of established, standardised technologies to disappoint so frequently?


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Digital Transformation Using Unified Communications and Collaboration Technology

Posted by Kate Sparrow on 17-Apr-2019 09:00:00

The concept of digital transformation is most often thought of as the process of improving customer experience through the use of omni-channel Contact Centre technology.

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What is Digital Transformation?

Posted by Tony Dolan on 29-Oct-2018 11:11:21

We now live in a world where our fridges can order food, our wearables can track and analyse our exercise habits, and we can receive updates about important events right as they’re happening. These developments are part of the customer service digital transformation, and it’s important you find a way to make use of the best technologies available to improve customer experience and maximise efficiency.

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Leveraging the AWS AI Stack

Posted by Asad Chagtai on 09-Oct-2018 12:32:31

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term we are hearing more and more these days. Whether you believe it will ‘take our jobs’ or not (I personally believe it will change our jobs!), it will surely play an ever-growing role in the future of IT and computing.

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Information Technologists' Company Enlists Support of Connect

Posted by Lewis Ward on 02-Jul-2008 15:18:35

Connect Communications, the telecoms reseller, has today revealed that it has supplied and installed a unified communications infrastructure for the Information Technologists’ Company – a City Livery Company.

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