5 Alternatives to 'Your Call Is Important To Us'

Posted by Adam Jackman on 18-Oct-2017 09:17:00

Does anyone really believe queue messages which repeat ‘your call is important to us…’?

We have all heard it, in between short snatches of tuneless elevator music, while waiting for our call to be answered. Most of the time we are trying to either pay a bill or resolve an issue that’s important to us, and have limited spare time available. In the industry these announcements are called ‘comfort messages’, but are they actually providing comfort to the caller?

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The Wild West in our Unified Communications and Contact Centre round-up.

Posted by UCeyeComment on 28-Oct-2016 15:53:30

There’s certainly a Wild West element to this space, and that opens the door for new players to make their marks, and bring even more disruption to the cadre of UC players we’re so familiar with.

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Connect Communications: Our tips for migrating to a new phone system:

Posted by admin on 28-Mar-2014 10:57:02

Modern telephone systems are generally IP-based, which brings many benefits, especially to larger organisations with operations at several sites. In the past it was quite common that an organisation could have used several manufacturers’ PBX or may have used different models of PBX from the same manufacturer. This may have been the correct choice at the time if, for example, sales, engineering, customer service and finance departments all had different priorities for their phones. The difficulty with this situation was the dreaded moment when members of staff had to answer someone else’s phone and risk cutting the caller off when they tried to transfer a call. Nowadays, most businesses would probably agree that it is easier to operate the same system across all of their sites.

It is easier if handsets can be standardised so that staff can answer each other’s extensions without any difficulty. Modern phones can also display “presence”, so as not to waste time transferring calls to a member of staff who’s away from their desk. A modern phone system can provide seamless links between all of the buildings, and make the transfer of calls much easier, especially between sites.

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Video and Images pushing hard on corporate networks

Posted by admin on 07-Aug-2013 11:47:38

Following our last post, commenting on how the largest mobile phone and software vendors are all targeting video communications and collaboration on the desktop this summer, this week we’ve seen another vendor announce a new product that could have a significant impact.

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Avaya Positioned as Lead in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony

Posted by Lewis Ward on 20-Aug-2009 14:51:26

Click here to read the full report.

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Teledex partners with Connect for Hotel Telephony

Posted by Lewis Ward on 18-Jun-2009 14:57:31

Connect have been building a vertical market solution for the hotel sector, combining market leading IP PBX and LAN infrastructure, specialist guest-specific telephones with hotels-specific communications-enabled applications.

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