New Year – New Priorities for the CIO

Posted by admin on 08-Jan-2014 16:31:16

As we start the New Year, we’re taking a look at the new developments we might expect to see this year. Most commentators agree that IT spending will increase in 2014, as the recovery gains pace. At Connect Communications we have been studying the analysts’ predictions, and listening to our customers, to see what their priorities are going to be in the coming year.

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Contact centres - learning from the big boys

Posted by admin on 15-Nov-2013 09:40:46

Contact centres – if providing a good customer experience is a business advantage, how can smaller companies achieve that?

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A new workplace is emerging..

Posted by admin on 30-Oct-2013 09:53:28

Looking at how we have worked in the past, the desktop IT environment has been relatively constant for several years. We have worked with a PC on our desk, a deskphone connected to a PBX and a corporate network. Our desktop software has been almost exclusively Microsoft and Windows based, apart from the creative industries which were always in the Apple camp.

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Looking into the Enterprise Mobility Market, our seminar in the Heron Tower

Posted by admin on 15-Oct-2013 10:49:17

17th floor of Heron Tower is a good place from which to take a bird’s eye view of our market. Phillip Pexton of Canalys presented a great analysis of the mobility solutions market - an industry in transition - driven by three broad underlying trends, increasing enterprise mobility and growth in smart devices, transformation in the data centre and consumerization. (By this we mean Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD which we have discussed before.)

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Figures on the market for video conferencing

Posted by admin on 17-Aug-2013 17:02:04

Over the summer we have been looking at the activities of the big vendors to promote video calling and video collaboration - and where this fits into a collaboration and Unified Communications strategy.

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Blog Battling Vendors

Posted by admin on 19-Jul-2013 09:46:17

Connect Communications’ Marketing Director Tom Perry looks at how the largest vendors are all targeting collaboration on the desktop.

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CYOD what it means for IT

Posted by admin on 18-Jun-2013 11:10:58

Unified Communications Systems - What happens when everyone chooses their own devices and “apps”?

In this post, we are looking at what happens when a company allows people to choose their own devices and bring them into work (CYOD). The first observation is that IT teams need to work with devices and operating systems that they did not choose and which are not part of the original corporate choice.

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Nowhere to hide

Posted by admin on 11-Feb-2013 20:16:26

As unified communications and BYOD become workplace reality, it is the support teams that are most affected. These technological trends are adding to the devices, applications and technologies that we need to support for our clients, and as such, the responsibilities of our support teams are becoming broader, deeper and more complex.

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Connect Communications and Avaya present new UC solutions at Law Society

Posted by Lewis Ward on 13-Oct-2011 10:22:44

Connect Communications partnered with Avaya to present the latest Unified Communications solutions at the Law Society, with standing room only for the audience of lawyers.

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Connect receive Unified Communications Solutions accreditation

Posted by Lewis Ward on 18-Jun-2009 15:00:56

LONDON - Connect Communications Group Ltd (Connect) have been accredited with the Unified Communications Solution competency from Microsoft.

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