Dow Corning

Dow Corning, the leader in silicon technology, serves its customers and resellers through a global network of customer service and technical support centres, where its customer support professionals (CSP) handle customer interactions including order processing, financial services and technical enquires aligned to the company’s product lines.

The customer partnered with Connect as it embarked on a Six-Sigma programme to transform its customer service operations. The goal was to create a standardised global customer service infrastructure delivering an improved customer, and CSP experience and to leverage its global knowledge and resources, allowing remote offices & home workers to be part of this customer service environment.

Dow Corning worked with Connect to map a vision for its global telephony and call centre infrastructure, along with an implementation roadmap. A key component was the existing Genesys platform deployed at two customer service centres. This platform was extended to cover nine global customer service centres delivering effective segmentation, routing and reporting of all customer contacts. Connect continues to support this customer helping to transform their customer service environment globally.