Suffolk County Council

In early 2016, Connect were invited to respond to Suffolk County Council’s (SCC) ITT to provide them with Genesys Support Services. After a stringent and competitive selection process , which included SCC’s incumbent supplier of services, Connect were delighted to be selected by SCC as their Genesys Partner of choice, and our service for them commenced in May 2016 with a seamless handover.

IT service has been placed in the organisation as an enabler of change under the banner of ‘Next Generation Computing’ to support SCC’s vision to enable the Council and public services in Suffolk to become modern, information orientated organisation maximising the benefits for the people of Suffolk from the use of technology. Many of the services that SCC provides to its customers are reliant on the quality of IT systems and applications in place. Genesys Applications play a key role in the delivery of customer service to SCC’s community and is a critical part of their operation.

Connect and SCC IT enabled the transformation of service delivery by working with the functional areas across the business, information and technical architecture layers to deliver efficiencies in processes to drive savings and service excellence across the authority. Connect will remained focused on the service delivery, adding value through innovation of the technology and procedures and demonstrating real ROI.

SCC uses the Genesys CTI platform to support all of its major contact centres both internally and public facing. These include Adults and Community Services, Children and Young People's Services, Schools Service as well as the IT, HR and Finance Helpdesks. There are 300 seats of Genesys deployed infrastructure across their services and Connect provide Suffolk County Council with Genesys Framework components and Technical support with framework component upgrades and full Framework upgrades. The production solution consists of a single site Framework 8 deployment distributed in a high availability arrangement across their servers  hosted on Suffolk's corporate VMware ESXi platform. The database resides on a shared MS SQL cluster and includes a datamart solution for historical reporting and the Connect services also support the Zoom call recording solution demonstrating the multi technology capability of the support services.

Connect services include 1st, 2nd and 3rd line Incident support for Genesys Framework components, incident’s SLA’s, technical support and review schedules, licences, support for security standards as well as making sure that we constantly advise and guide our customer around best practice and future enhancements of the Genesys contact centre infrastructure with Suffolk County Council.