DXC Technology

Increased Automation Leads to Operational Costs Savings

The challenge facing DXC Technology was a common one; additional resources were not adding enough value to help reach their business goals despite rising costs.

DXC Technology worked with Connect to improve SLAs by implementing monitoring and automation tools and a Jeopardy Management system.

It helped DXC Technology reach its cost saving goal of the project and reduced the required internal resource needed due to the added automation capability. These resources were reallocated to more pressing projects that were on DXC's roadmap.


"Connect’s flexibility and dynamism allows it to be fast and effective. They have strong third party partnerships all over the world which helps to fix my problems. Their international reach is fantastic”. 

Global Account Delivery Lead, DXC Technology


  • Inefficient internal support model.
  • Addition of internal resource was not adding enough value to justify the added cost.


  • Implementation of monitoring & automation tools and Jeopardy Management system.
  • Increased automation to improve SLAs.

Business Outcome

  • Achieved operational savings target per annum.
  • Reduction of internal resources required due to new automation capability.
  • Reallocation of resources enabled focus on other Business Transformation projects.


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