Increased Automation Leads to Operational Costs Savings

Eir's challenge centred around reducing cost and time inefficiencies by increasing self-service capability and the level of integration. The goal was to enhance customer experience by reducing the time taken to handle calls.

The solution was to consolidate Contact Centres, integrate the legacy environment and add more personalisation via chatbots and web chat.

The enhancements brought cost savings and increased efficiency because customers were increasingly using self-service channel instead of waiting to speak with agents. It resulted in a reduction of enquiry handling costs with added email integration.


"The gain in speed and personalisation we’ve experienced has made a real difference to our customers’ perception of our responsiveness to their needs.” 

Head of Customer Experience & Self Service, Eir


  • Cost and time inefficiencies.
  • To improve customer experience and NPS.


  • Consolidation of Contact Centres.
  • Integration of the legacy environment.
  • Chat (chatbot and web chat) added personalisation.

Business Outcome

  • Cost savings from new self-service functionality.
  • Reduction of enquiry handling costs with email integration.
  • Improved customer experience and NPS.


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