Working in Collaboration for Digital Transformation

Johnson & Johnson's challenge was a common one; legacy multi-vendor technologies that had been acquired over time was beginning to hinder the increasing need for flexible working and employee collaboration.

Connect delivered a global managed service solution including the transfer of all existing users to a single contract and SLA. We continue to collaborate with Johnson & Johnson for ongoing Digital Transformation projects and enhancement of new and existing technologies.

The added stability and increased efficiency helped to improve customer service and allows Johnson & Johnson to take a more flexible approach to meet their growth plans.


“Connect differentiates themselves on their collaboration, in the sense they work with us to find a solution rather than giving us one that might not be right for us”.

Director of EMEA, Johnson & Johnson



  • Unsuitable legacy multi-vendor technologies hindered flexible working and collaboration.
  • Hindered growth and expansion plans.


  • Digital Transformation and enhancement to legacy technologies.
  • Global Managed Service solution including the transfer of all users to a single contract and SLA.


Business Outcome

  • Accelerated Business Transformation programme.
  • Improved customer service through added stability.


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