Helping break down the barriers to multi-channel contact

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is a charity that campaigns for child protection in the UK and Channel Islands.

Getting every call answered is the overriding priority for NSPCC. Connecting a child to a counsellor can be vital to their safety and wellbeing. The NSPCC helplines have over 1,700 part-time volunteers, whose shift patterns vary greatly. Despite the best efforts of the volunteers to cover all shifts, the NSPCC found it difficult to fulfill their pledge to answer every single call. 

We have been working with NSPCC since 2008. Back then, ChildLine received around 2.3 million calls, but could only answer around 64% of them. Their helpline systems were in need of modernisation.


"The challenge was that our requirements are highly unique. As the range of access methods was limited to phone contact, we needed a system that would not only increase our call handling capacity, but also expand our reach to the public."
Rosie Slater, Senior Business Partner, NSPCC


  • Ability to answer all calls was vital to children’s safety and wellbeing.
  • Limited communication channels were affecting user experience.
  • Privacy and sensitivity were critical.


  • Multi-channel platform including web chat, email, SMS and messaging.
  • Bespoke whiteboard tool to communicate via pictures.
  • Fully secure to protect privacy.

Business Outcome

  • Increased call handling capacity boosted calls answered from 51% to 75%.
  • Improved communication, accessibility and user experience for children.


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