Fully Customised Consultancy for Contact Centre Optimisation

Connect offers a range of fully customised Consultancy Packages for Contact Centre and Unified Communication optimisation based on our 25 years of knowledge and experience.

Our Consultancy Packages have been crafted through extensive experience working with global blue-chip customers.


Our Approach 

Our approach is to understand the business goals and the customers’ journey across all touchpoints, so we can design the best solution to help deliver exceptional customer experience.

We start by taking a top-down approach to understand your business issues, so we can deliver the best solution to meet them.

  • What are the key business goals and drivers?
  • How does the business operationally support those goals?
  • How does available Contact Centre technology support the business operations?


We then view your business from your customer's perspective to add value and provide insight.

  • How easy is it for customers to interact with you?
  • What channels are available and can they self-serve where and when required?
  • How easy is it for the agents to provide effective customer service and first-time resolution?




“Understanding the customer journey is about learning what customers experience from the moment they begin considering a purchase, and then working to make the journey toward buying a product or service as simple, clear, and efficient as possible.”

McKinsey & Company


Consultancy Packages

Our Consultancy Packages are designed to complement your offering. All our audits will identify improvements and make recommendations that can be made to the customer journey. Each audit will end with a comprehensive report that will be presented back to the customer in a Review and Feedback Workshop.

1. Customer Experience Audit - identify improvements that can be made to the Customer Journey.

2. Contact Centre Infrastructure Audit - identify, audit and document the Contact Centre Infrastructure.

3. Agent Experience Audit - identify and quantify improvements that can be made in the Agent Experience.


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1.  Customer Experience Audit

Goal: Identify improvements that can be made to the Customer Journey

Many companies struggle to provide their customers with a consistent and effective level of customer experience (CX) across all potential access channels into their business. This leads to repeat contacts, unhappy customers and a loss of business.

Our Customer Experience Audit will help by assessing your CX across all your communication channels and making recommendations for improvement.

The package includes:

  • Interviews and workshops with key stakeholders, e.g. COO/CXO, Key Business Unit Heads, Contact Centre Manager, Agents, etc. We will also conduct side-by-side contact handling observation within the Contact Centre itself.
  • “Mystery Shopper” analysis of customer experience.
  • Review of contact routing (customer ID&V, customer segmentation, contact recognition), in-queue treatments, IVR menus and self-service provision, contact reason, transfers, contact volumes/handling times/abandonment rates, queue times, opening times, and SLAs.
  • Assessment of customer treatment consistency.
  • Review of any in-progress improvement plans or planned changes to processes or applications.


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2.  Contact Centre Infrastructure Audit

Goal: Identify, audit and document the Contact Centre Infrastructure

Many companies are burdened with disparate telephony platforms and ACDs running on ageing legacy platforms. It means they struggle with the complexity of their infrastructure and processes, high costs, lack of agility and flexibility, and inefficient use of resources.

Our Contact Centre Infrastructure Audit will help by reviewing the existing technology stack, applications, operating and support costs.

The package includes:

  • Interviews and workshops with key stakeholders, e.g. CTO/CFO/COO/CXO, IT/Telephony Manager, etc.
  • Architecture/network infrastructure review.
  • Identification of Single Points of Failure - infrastructure components, network connectivity, or processes.
  • A review of product support for all platform components, IT operating costs (network, call charges, etc.).
  • Identification of all integration points and dependencies on external systems and databases.


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3.  Agent Experience Audit

Goal: Identify and quantify improvements that can be made in the Agent Experience

Agent attrition, productivity, and training are key issues for many companies impacting both customer experience and increasing the cost of delivery.

Whilst servicing a customer, agents frequently deal with multiple, disconnected systems in trying to get a view of their customer. This leads to extended call resolution times or worse still, repeat customer calls. Ultimately, both lead to poor customer experience and dissatisfaction.

Our Agent Experience Audit will help to identify improvements and quantify the benefit they will bring to your business.

The package includes:

  • Interviews and workshops with key stakeholders, e.g. COO/CXO, Contact Centre Manager, Supervisor/Team Leads, agents, etc.
  • Side-by-side contact handling observation within the current Contact Centre.
  • Review of all associated desktop applications, screen pops, availability of customer data with contact (including previous contact history across all channels).
  • Review of call lengths/contact handling times and drivers, first-time resolution, transfer reasons, etc.
  • Review of agent coaching, training, and performance metrics.


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Business Outcomes

Our audits are business led so we provide tangible value that delivers.

At the end of the audit, our consultants will present a report during an on-site Review and Feedback Workshop.

Business outcomes include:

  • Gap analysis and a strategic technology roadmap/vision.
  • Recommendations for "Quick Wins" and short-term tactical improvements.
  • Identification of current or future business needs requiring investment in technology or process improvement.





Our Consultancy Packages can be fully tailored to individual customer requirements and depends on the size and complexity of the business.

However, a typical audit would take approximately 15 days.


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