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Why Connect?

  • Experience – over 20 years’ experience in managed communications infrastructure and professional services
  • Preventative support – 96% of faults are fixed remotely
  • Jeopardy management – we do not wait until the SLA itself is breached, this methodology improves SLA performance by 25%
  • Automated filtering & diagnosis – our process automates alarm monitoring, making it a more effective/efficient approach

What our customers say about us:

"Connect, one of the few firms I know that will not just think about the problem presented to them, but will think about all aspects of design, install and ongoing support. This way they come up with a complete solution and not just a fix."


"I have been in operations for quite some time and I must say that Connect’s commitment, willingness to help, being shoulder to shoulder with us and flexibility are the best I have seen for some time.."