The Connect Dashboard is an online platform that provides an instant, detailed view of the latest activities and trends across individual contracts and sites.

From raising tickets to viewing alarm data, the Connect Dashboard provides users with an unparalleled customisable view of the devices and services that Connect support.

Key benefits:

  • View SLA performance
  • View open/closed tickets
  • Create new tickets
  • Access contracts

Browser Support

Here is an outline of the level of support Connect Dashboard gives to web browsers.

Browser IE Firefox Chrome*
Level 1
11, 10, 9 All versions within the last year All versions within the last year
Level 2
(Partial support)
8, 7 - -
Level 3
6 All versions older than 1 year All versions older than 1 year

Note: Chrome Versions auto update without user intervention, so the supported version is the most recent non-beta version.

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Key benefits

  • Instant overview of key metrics like SLA performance and open/closed tickets.
  • Fully customisable to adapt to your individual needs.
  • Extensive web browser support across Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Dashboard User Guide

Connect Dashboard User Guide

Download our step-by-step Connect Dashboard User Guide to help you get the most out of it.

Dashboard FAQ’s

Read the Connect Dashboard FAQ’S for answers to the frequently asked questions.