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Enhance productivity and efficiency

Our Unified Communications (UC) solutions enhance your business's productivity and efficiency. They give your teams seamless access to technology that enhances their day to day working life.

It is a complex field but with over 20 years experience, one that we can help you with.


Our Approach

Typically you have two options to transform to UC: evolution and revolution.

  • Revolution - completely replace your existing platform.
  • Evolution - integrate & enhance your existing system with UC overlay.

Our competitors approach is typically revolution - completely new infrastructure based on a single-vendor technology:

"Cisco/Microsoft (delete as necessary) is the answer, now what’s the question?”.


That’s not how we work

The first step is to understand what challenges you need to overcome.  We then identify technologies and services to enhance your environment and to address those challenges.

We find that a single vendor solution is rarely the best fit.

The big three: Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft’s technologies have different strengths in different areas. We don’t believe you need to compromise in one area to meet another.

If it's right for you, we can blend the best of all three to create a completely bespoke UC platform, perfectly tailored to your business. We can then enhance further with specific best-of-breed technologies as needed.

Finally, we wrap this up in an innovative, managed service, to ensure maximum up-time, visibility and control.


Managed Unified Communications

Whilst some businesses may be in a position to take the “revolution” approach, most would prefer evolution, retaining and enhancing the existing investments.

Connect can take on your existing multi-site, multi-vendor environments and wrap them up in our unique managed service. This will help improve service levels, reduce costs and provide valuable insight and control.

We are then in the ideal position to identify areas where UC technologies can best benefit your business. 

We do this by overlaying modern UC applications on top of your legacy telephony and video infrastructure to improve collaboration and employee productivity.

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