Integrating Enterprise Communication Platforms

Instant, digital communication has become the norm in today’s workplace. While it is much better than what we had before, the lack of integration among different systems, combined with a lack of user-friendliness, can often mean that employees are wasting a lot of time, making for a less efficient, less productive workforce.

To improve this, a suite of communication channels is needed so employees can easily connect with people as and when needed.

Our Unified Communications (UC) solutions enhance our customers productivity and efficiency by delivering seamless access to best of
breed technology that integrates, connects and unifies internal communication systems.


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Why Your Business Needs Unified Communications

Many business leaders look at the different things UC provides and label them as “nice to have.” But integrated communication solutions are far more than a mere luxury. Instead, they are necessary to maximise the efficiency and productivity of your company, meaning the question isn’t whether or not you need UC, but rather, how do you want UC to work in your company?

Below are some of the most significant benefits UC provides:

1. Better employee experience

One of the key metrics for measuring the success of a new technology is user uptake. If users have a poor user experience and have to navigate multiple platforms, they will simply stop using it. Understanding your employees and providing excellent user experience will maximise user uptake. 

2. Improved productivity

UC can help reduce the back and forth that often dominates internal communications, improving the time spent waiting for responses and creating a smoother workflow that allows for maximum productivity. 

3. Cost savings

Transforming your communications into one integrated platform means you pay for fewer services and software, helping you get leaner and save some money. Managed services providers can manage this process for you by leveraging their relationship with vendors to improve your terms of service and reduce costs. 

4. Improved contact centre efficiency

UC can help improve contact centres in a number of different ways. Specifically, it can help you better manage teams located in different parts of the world, e.g. annual leave planning and shift schedules for agents. 

5. Better human resources

UC makes it easier for employees and managers to communicate, which means a happier, more content workforce. It also helps improve the onboarding process, both of which will help you adapt and employ effective retention strategies. High employee turnover can dampen employee morale and increase HR costs.


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Our Approach

Typically, you have two options to transform to UC: evolution and revolution.

  • Revolution - completely replace your existing platform.
  • Evolution - integrate & enhance your existing system with UC overlay.

Our competitors approach is typically revolution - completely new infrastructure based on a single-vendor technology:


"Cisco/Microsoft (delete as necessary) is the answer, now what’s the question?”.


That’s not how we work

The first step is to understand what challenges you need to overcome. We then identify technologies and services to enhance your environment and to address those challenges.

We find that a single vendor solution is rarely the best fit.

The big three: Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft’s technologies have different strengths in different areas. We don’t believe you need to compromise in one area to meet another.

If it's right for you, we can blend the best of all three to create a completely bespoke UC platform, perfectly tailored to your business. We can then enhance further with specific best-of-breed technologies as needed.

Finally, we wrap this up in an innovative, managed service, to ensure maximum up-time, visibility and control.


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Managed Unified Communications

Whilst some businesses may be in a position to take the “revolution” approach, most would prefer evolution, retaining and enhancing the existing investments.

Connect can take on your existing multi-site, multi-vendor environments and wrap them up in our unique managed service. This will help improve service levels, reduce costs and provide valuable insight and control.

We are then in the ideal position to identify areas where UC technologies can best benefit your business. 

We do this by overlaying modern UC applications on top of your legacy telephony and video infrastructure to improve collaboration and employee productivity.


Unified Communications in Action

Johnson & Johnson had an existing multi-vendor technologies that made their estate overly complex, which hindered flexible working and collaboration. 

Connect Managed Services worked with them to deliver a digital transformation that enhanced their technologies. The solution was a global managed service that included the transfer of existing users.

The result was improved customer service through added stability and scale so Johnson & Johnson were able to expand their business without the worry of legacy technologies affecting their plans.


“Connect differentiates themselves on their collaboration, in the sense they work with us to find a solution rather than giving us one that might not be right for us”.

Director of EMEA, Johnson & Johnson


Ready to Talk?

UC can help streamline your company and optimise it for efficiency and productivity. However, a successful UC transition will be centred around the specific needs of your company. Connect Managed Services offers the guidance you need to implement these changes and help make them successful.

We are truly vendor-agnostic so we are able to offer unbiased, completely independent recommendations, helping make sure you get exactly what you need and nothing else. 

If you need to improve your communication systems to be more unified and integrated, then get in touch today and we will help you identify the best path for you. 

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