Why Voice Biometrics 

The Connect Voice Biometric solution is a fully integrated, omni-channel voice biometrics solution. 

  • Increase customer satisfaction - up to 50% improvement on NPS.
  • Reduce call handling times and costs - around 5% of agent headcount could be reallocated.
  • Improve protection from fraud - biometric identity and verification helps reduce specific frauds such as identity theft / impersonation by up to 90%.


Our solution is the Next Generation in Voice Biometrics for seven key reasons:

1. Quick To Integrate 

The solution integrates with any customer interaction service across the enterprise, such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and digital apps through its Web services application programming interface (API).  

2. Gives More Accurate Verifications 

It is language, accent and dialect independent and thus applicable worldwide thanks to our patented tuning system which automates all voice print and background model optimisation. The patented technology also sets all user thresholds to maximise performance at an individual user level.  It's this patented technology that allows for a more accurate and secure verification.

3. Improves Security and Protection Against Identity Theft and Fraud

Our solution is at the forefront of the fight against identity theft and fraud by authenticating identities. It provides an additional security level that end users will find convenient as an alternative to cumbersome and hard to remember PINs, passwords and security tokens.

4. Delivered in the Cloud or On-Premise

It can be configured for Cloud, CPE or Hosted Authentication Services and is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.  It supports multi-threaded operation for high throughput applications.

5. Infinitely Scalable

With its open API’s and flexible delivery options the voice biometrics solution is infinitely scalable on multiple levels such as the number of users or systems it interfaces with.  Critically for the future it can scale support to the multitudes of digital apps an organisation and their ecosystem will have for their customers.

6. Deployed in Weeks

Customers can quickly roll out their voice biometrics services as the solution can be deployed in weeks.  It isn't a solution that requires a large internal resource commitment nor is a large investment needed in Professional Services for its deployment and ongoing maintenance. 

7. Lasts A Lifetime

It's easy-to-use API's mean that as your business develops and changes direction over time to meet the demands of how your customers want to engage with you, the Connect Voice Biometrics solution can keep pace. The self-learning capability ensures individual voice prints adapt over time to take account of changes in users habits and devices, and changes caused by age.


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